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Experimenting with Polyvore March 28, 2010

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This is unfinished.  It needs textiles and paint/wallpaper samples.

Experiment 2
Experiment 2 by <a href="


2 is better than 1! March 26, 2010

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I started another blog: For more personal daily stuff so I can leave this for Style, Interior design/creative stuff.

I would say the other blog is more my main blog.


I’m a little bit addicted… March 22, 2010

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…to HGTV!  Even my kids comment on it.  “Mom is watching that home channel again!”

I just really love watching and seeing what the designers come up with.  Of course in real life the interior design process does not work the way it does on tv.  I had a would be client think that once and it is very fustrating.  For one I am a decorator and they needed and Interior Designer.  There is a difference!


Taking a look.. March 20, 2010

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I have been doing some blog hopping and adding to my Blogroll.  If you show up there then it’s because I like your blog and want to remember where it is.  🙂

In other news, it is snowing here in Kansas today. Inshallah, it will be the last one.

Of course, in this area that just means tornado season is just a little closer.  Not looking forward to that…


What I am Reading… March 19, 2010

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The Content of Character: Ethical Saying of the Prophet Muhammad

I got this book at the Half Priced Book store and it has become my favorite before bedtime reading.  For a small book there is a lot in there to think about.

House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live–  This book is pretty much about interior design psychology and history.  It’s more about what makes a home feel right than what makes a home look right.  A home should feel and function right before it looks pretty.  A pretty room that does not function or feel good to be in is just a waste.


Slow? March 18, 2010

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I was away from blogging for a while and it seems really slow or many blogs I used to visit are just gone now.


Decorating? March 17, 2010

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Yes, there will be posts about decorating, Interior Design and stuff like that. Why? Because I am aspiring Interior Decorator* and I am going to college for it right now.

*The degree is for Interior Merchandising but I plan on using it to do Interior Consulting/Decoration, Inshallah.